Albert White and the Soul of the Blues

inThe Artistson November 21, 2016


I had the pleasure of meeting Albert over the summer when he came up from Atlanta to play at the Freight Train Blues series in Carrboro, NC. Albert and some other artists had just arrived from Atlanta, and we took them to have lunch at Waffle House, somewhat of a Music Maker tradition. I sensed right away that Albert was a kind and gentle soul. Later, at the show, I realized that he was also one incredible musician.


Albert will be turning 74 this December, and has been performing the Blues for over 50 years. He got his start in high school, influenced by his Uncle, Piano Red, who was one of the great pioneers of R&B. Albert would drive his uncle around the country for his shows, playing guitar along the way.


After his uncle passed Albert found work at a warehouse, but still continued to perform every weekend in Atlanta. He is retired now, and lives in a small working class home that he once shared with his wife, who has now passed away.


Albert has been part of the Music Maker family since 2000, touring with the Blues Revue as a guitarist and backing up dozens of Music Maker artists with his incredible rhythm guitar playing. Once a younger member of the family, Albert is now an elder. He is losing eyesight in one eye due to glaucoma, his hips are giving out, yet he still gets out there to play gigs. His love for music keeps him pushing forward.


Like many of our aging artists, Albert receives monthly support through our Musician Sustenance Program to help cover expenses for his increased medical needs. Over the years, we have also provided him with guitars and a replacement laptop in order to stay connected despite his more limited mobility.


Albert is a gentleman, a man of class and distinction, and an amazing Blues artist. Music Maker will continue to ensure that his needs are met, so that he may live in comfort and remain an active, vital member of the Music Maker family.


Learn more about our Musician Sustenance Program here, or┬ámake your tax deductible contribution – here and help amazing artists like Albert White


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