Earl “Guitar” Williams’ COVID Concoctions

By Tess Stogner.

If COVID has diminished your dulcet tones to nothing but a croak, Earl “Guitar” Williams has just the remedy you need to be up and singing again in no time.

“When you get those first symptoms, treat it just like you do a cold; you want something hot. Start with some ginger, and make some tea, enough to drink morning and night. Stay with that tea. Get fresh ginger, and it needs to be fresh. Cook that up, and it needs to be very pungent–not just a little piece–very pungent, like a buffalo rock.

“You want it with a couple of lemons to make nine cups. You want that ginger as strong as you can get it, and two lemons and tangerines, about two or three. Oranges too, that makes it really, really good. Squeeze those fruits in and drop the whole thing in there. And you want cinnamon sticks. Then, you sweeten it with honey.”

Another favorite herbal elixir of his is oil of oregano:

“You want the one that’s nasty. I like the one that’s a liquid, you just squirt it in the back of your throat. You don’t want it in the front of your mouth, ohhh no. Don’t be tasting it now, it’s not good. But I tell you one thing, if you got COVID, if you got a cold, you’re gonna get over it! It works real fast for your immune system.”

Arthritis acting up too? Earl suggests taking magnesium (and to lay off the sweets).

“What I just told you, it’s gonna set you free.”