Catching Up With David Moore

By Jason Jefferies


Longtime Music Maker Foundation supporter and friend David Moore has always been into audio. “I saved money as a kid,” Moore says. “In grammar school, it took me years to save up and buy a receiver. I was hooked on all of that stuff. I love the blues; I had a great time going to different clubs in different cities.” David Moore was one of Music Maker Foundation’s first donors, way back in 1994.

And how did he connect with Music Maker Foundation?

“I was shopping for some new audio gear along with a front projection TV,” Moore says, “and I went and found a place called Cello. I was there in the studio listening to stuff, and I was introduced to Tim (Duffy), and I heard about the program he was starting. He told me all about going down to NC and finding these blues
singers, who were disappearing.

“We took a guy who was cast aside, and we built a community.” – David Moore

“I was listening to Tim’s story, and I didn’t know him from anywhere, and his face was so animated. He was so excited about meeting these bluesmen and going down and recording them. I don’t think he had even fully formed what he was doing yet. And I just thought it was so wonderful. He was intoxicating with his passion. And at that moment I decided I wanted to support that and be a part of it.”

Moore next recalls Music Maker Foundation’s first artist and the feeling of contributing to a community at its genesis. “I remember one of the first artists that Tim made a recording of, Guitar Gabriel, and I remember Tim telling me a story about him and he was like, the guy needs help. And we got him some help so he could perform. The interesting thing with Guitar Gabriel for me and the whole journey with this thing was just giving this person a breath of fresh air so he could perform with his guitar. And then later on, throwing in so we could give him a proper burial.


“We took a guy who was cast aside, and we built a community. It’s truly a community that was formed, and we all search for that. For a period of time we were instrumental in that man’s life, and little did he know how instrumental he was for the rest of us. “I just felt so blessed to be a part of it.” David Moore continues to support Music Maker Foundation to this day.