Zydeco Legend & New Partner Artist Chuck Bush Tests Positive for COVID-19

inTheir Musicon April 13, 2020

Photo by Gene Tomko

Born in Rosa, Louisiana, Chuck Bush helped redefine Zydeco’s sound in the 80’s and 90’s for a new audience while playing bass behind Beau Jocque and then Terry Dominique. In December 2019, Chuck reached out to Music Maker in desperate need of support due to a slew of health complications. Music Maker stepped up to help this Lafayette based bass legend.

Things were looking up for Chuck until the pandemic hit. His gigs got canceled, then he developed a cough and was feeling short of breath. He went to the hospital with a minor case of pneumonia and was tested for COVID-19 which eventually came back positive. Luckily, Chuck’s case was mild and he is making a full recovery at home in isolation. Music Maker is having groceries delivered weekly so that Chuck can recover safely in his home and doesn’t need to go out and risk infecting others.

As the virus continues to spread and more data is made available, it is clear that there is a racial disparity with regard to who is most impacted by this crisis. 33% of Americans that have been hospitalized are African-American even though they only make up 13% of the total population. Our thoughts and efforts are also focused on our partner artists in New Orleans where the death rate is twice as high as New York City. These statistics, along with the elderly age of Music Maker’s partner artists, makes them particularly vulnerable to the disease.

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