Wonderful Article about MMRF on Wondering Sound!

inNewson July 29, 2014

Check out this great article about Music Maker’s 20th Anniversary on Wondering Sound – https://www.wonderingsound.com/feature/music-maker-relief-foundation-20-years/

The article’s title is “The Organization That’s Saving Music Turns 20.”

Dom on Music Maker as quoted in the article:

“We help sustain the organization and they help sustain us,” says Flemons, who, along with Giddens, is still on the nonprofit’s board. “They’re sustaining older musicians who just need a little something to get their heads above water; when you’re making just $5000 a year, a couple hundred a month makes a big difference. Artists like me benefit because we get to play with older musicians like John Dee Holeman or Boo Hanks. As much as we’ve studied this music, we didn’t really begin to learn it until we could play with these older people.”



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