Why I Stink At Blues Crawls

inUncategorizedon July 16, 2014



My Dad and I were able to make the recent Blues Crawl in Southern Pines, NC.  We were very excited to be going because 1) it’s a nice town and 2) the line-up of MMRF artists was one of the best in years.  The theory was simple, see five songs from each of the acts and then move on.  However, while theory and practice are the same thing in theory, they are quite different in practice.  When the talent is as great as MMRF regularly fields, it is all but impossible to walk out on an artist.  If you don’t walk out on one, you can’t walk in on the next.  The good news is that my Dad and I enjoyed a great night of music in a wonderful little town.  I guess we will just have to attend the Homecoming in October to see all the acts we missed at Southern Pines.

— Henry Slyker, Music Maker Board

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