Whistlin’ Britches – the Gospel of Music Maker

inTheir Musicon November 16, 2017

Whistlin’ Britches passed away from throat cancer shortly after I started working at Music Maker in 2011. I did get to spend an epic weekend with him at a festival in North Carolina before he was passed. Whistlin’ left such a strong impression. He was skinny and lithe, he walked around like some strings tied together pushed along by a breeze. When he grabbed a microphone, he was fierce, clicking, clucking, popping and rapping. Staring out with hollow eyes, he poured his soul into every sound. Putting the microphone down, he’d return to his fully relaxed posture and throw out a big smile. He was always having a good time and if you were in his party, you’d be having fun, too. He’d see to it. He’d lean on your shoulder and whisper a joke in your ear or sing you a song. His spirit is fully on display in this recording titled “The Gospel of Music Maker.”

— Aaron Greenhood

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