We Are the Music Makers! at the Birthplace of Country Music

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The Music Maker Relief Foundation works tirelessly to ensure that traditional music lives on, helping to reinforce our country’s musical heritage for future generations. We could not accomplish this mission alone without supportive and dedicated partners that believe in the importance of this work.

One partner in particular is the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a highly active institution that works to educate, engage, and preserve traditional music, specifically bluegrass, country, and other genres rooted in Appalachia. Our photo exhibit, We Are the Music Makers!, that tells the stories of Music Maker artists over the past 20 years, will be on display at the museum until January 6th, 2017.

Learn more about the exhibit – here

The Birthplace of Country Music Museum has been an incredible partner of ours over the past couple of years, hosting Music Maker artists at their Rhythm & Roots Reunion Festival and creating a slew of pop-up exhibits in preparation for this fall. In fact, this year Pura Fe and Ulali will be performing live at the Rhythm and Roots Reunion festival while We Are the Music Makers! is on display.


Yesterday, we were lucky enough to attend the opening reception of We Are the Music Makers! in the first floor gallery of the museum. The installation looked absolutely stunning, and all of the panels looked fantastic in the space. James Herald Jennings’ painted discs were hung up and spun around the ceiling, Captain Luke’s Folk Art Cars were on display in cases, and even the Dixie Frogs were in attendance, propped up by the entrance welcoming folks into the gallery.

If you’re in and around Bristol, definitely stop by and see the exhibit for yourself – you won’t regret it!

— Berk

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