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Music Maker began as a volunteer-run organization, and volunteerism continues to be an integral component of artist service programs and documentation efforts. Interns and volunteers do everything from transporting artists to gigs to providing legal services, CD manufacturing, documentary fieldwork, event-booth management, and newsletter distribution, in addition to hosting fundraising events and organizing digital archives. They have also been kind enough to stuff many envelopes over the years.

community volunteers share their talents

The scope of Music Maker’s mission is broad enough to require a tremendous variety of skills and expertise. Our recipient artists and organization often need the consultation of legal and medical professionals. Marketing and graphic design experts have donated countless hours to produce our brochures, newsletters and CD artwork for over 15 years. No matter where your talent lies, Music Maker would love to have your help and truly appreciate your time and talent.


  • Legendary MMRF volunteer Mat Thorn drove recipient Carl Rutherford and his 1971 motorhome from northern California back to War, West Virginia so Carl could spend his last months with family!
  • In 2010, volunteer Ronda Wenger organized an online auction and many benefit events in Eddie Tigner’s hometown of Atlanta after Eddie’s car and keyboard were stolen from his driveway.
  • When Haskell Thompson lost half his left leg to diabetes, Dr. David Thurber volunteered as an advocate to make certain Haskell received continuing care and rehabilitation services, instead of release to the streets of Winston-Salem as the hospital initially planned.
  • Throughout the years we’ve had several fine artists and graphic designers donate their artwork and time to helping put together album art and poster designs to help promote Music Maker artists. In 2011, Nick Loss-Eaton, Ben Belcher, Doug Chayka, Puckett and Associates, McKee Wallwork and Associates all contributed their time and talent.

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