Visiting Drink Small: A Dose of Drinkisms from the Blues Doctor

inArtist Storyon May 19, 2016


Last week Aaron, myself and a food writer traveled down to visit 83 year old Drink Small in Columbia, SC for our upcoming food themed compilation album, Biscuits For Your Outside Man. Upon our arrival we see Drink’s house, a humble abode in Columbia, SC as we walk through the front door you see that the entire interior is adorned floor to ceiling with local and national music awards – I know I have just entered the house of a living legend. Drink was thrilled to have some guests and from the second we sat down he launched into his philosophies on life, otherwise known as “Drinkisms”. We talked about food, music and life for a solid three hours. Drink’s health has declined in recent years and he has lost his sight and most of his mobility, but that doesn’t stop him from getting excited. Near the end of our visit Drink grabbed his resonator guitar and started plucking away. He’s still got his chops and his finger work just as good as any young bluesman. When I asked him about Music Maker he exclaimed,”It’s a good thing!” Drink also explained that it’s important for undiscovered musicians to know about Music Maker and if they have any questions they can talk to Drink. Watch Drink talking about Music Maker below.

— Corn Lewis

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