Visiting David Bryant at His Home

inArtist Storyon December 18, 2015


While on the way to Jackson, MS for Cathead Vodka’s Distillery Grand Opening Tim and I decided to stop and visit David Bryant. David’s mother, Cora Mae Bryant was a Music Maker artist for many years. Music Maker helped her by donating a vehicle, fixing her home, producing three albums,  and giving her a sustenance check when she fell ill. Music Maker currently helps David by giving him a monthly sustenance check.


David Bryant’s home is not unlike a shrine. He greeted us from his porch, as we pulled up to his meticulously crafted front yard, replete with lawn ornaments, flowers, and his own artwork. Wind chimes twinkled in the breeze. Inside, David’s walls are lined with family portraits; memorializing each family member for generations back. As we examined each photograph, he lovingly told us all about his family history and memories of the people adorning his walls. David was incredibly close with his mother, Cora Mae Bryant, and since her passing has kept all of her hats neatly on a hat rack in the living room. A guitar that Tim decorated for David with a picture of Cora Mae and all sorts of buttons (arranged in David’s signature folk art style) sits elegantly on display. David’s relationship with his mother and the rest of his ancestors is deeply spiritual and wonderfully joyful. Listening to him share that with us was a privilege and a moving experience.


— Abigail Nover


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