The Amazing Life of Theotis Taylor

inThe Artistson August 3, 2017

When Tim texted me early on a Sunday morning about taking a trip (the very next day) to Southern, GA, I knew it would be a unique journey. On the way down, Tim explained that he had spoken with folklorist George Mitchell and there was a gospel singer down in Fitzgerald, GA he recorded many, many years ago. Somehow, with his investigative wisdom, Tim was able to get ahold of Theotis and we set out with our camera gear to visit.

Theotis warmly welcomed us into his home and was excited to tell his story to the world. At one point, I overheard Theotis discussing with his son the importance of this visit and the fact that this history was going to be shared which made the trip even more exciting.

At the core of Music Maker’s mission are artists like Theotis, “average” people working day-to-day jobs, playing music on the side purely for the joy of it. It’s these artists that go unnoticed, even though it’s their work worn hands that shape our culture.

— Corn Lewis

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