Video Diggin’: Robert Finley – Holy Wine

inTheir Musicon January 11, 2018

When Tim and I stepped into the Easy Eye Sound after Robert had been recording for several days we could immediately see that Dan Auerbach, Robert, and the studio musicians were buzzing — they had just created something amazing over the past couple days. Shortly after our arrival Dan took us back into the control room to listen to the songs. We were instantly blown away by what we hearing — Dan, Robert, Tim, and myself were all grinning ear to ear in pure sonic joy. After we got through a couple songs Dan turned us and said, “Did you know that Robert sings falsetto”?, clicked play on the track. What came out of those speakers was truly moving. Robert’s voice shoots through you as though you were sitting in a pew, hearing him sing at his local church in Bernice, LA. Robert says that this song is closer to Gospel music than any other song on the album and you can hear it.

— Corn Lewis

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