Video Diggin’: Ironing Board Sam’s “Cherry Pie”

inNewson February 21, 2013

There is no wrong answer when Ironing Board Sam asks you “What kind of pie do you like?” If you ever go see him play, you inevitably will be asked to surrender your preference to public scrutiny. And after you’ve heard him share his own preference, you might just second-guess your own. Sam most definitely likes Cherry Pie. He REALLY likes Cherry Pie. After hearing him sing about it for 10 minutes, you begin to wonder, as you should- is Sam just talking about cherry pie, or could he mean something deeper? Don’t overthink it. Sam is passionate and he goes for it and you should, too.

The video featured in this diggin’ is from a performance this past October of the Music Maker Blues Revue at The Hamilton Live in Washington, DC.

Check it out…

— Aaron

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