UPDATE: Ironing Board Sam Is On the Mend!

inArtist Storyon June 30, 2016

In October 2015, just as Big Legal Mess was set to release Ironing Board Sam’s “Super Spirit,” Sam suffered a stroke that left him hospitalized for the better part of the following two months. He began rehab and moved to Montgomery, AL to be closer to his daughter who has been managing his care. The stroke was a difficult set back at a time when his career reprise was demonstrating its fullest potential. Sam heard the completed record from his hospital bed. Even through the heartbreaking set back he was able to muster a smile and feel the satisfaction of a vision seen to its completion.

Last week, Sam called in to report that his progress is steady, he is walking with the assistance of a cane, looking like a blues statesman. He was also thrilled to report that he would soon be getting his license back and would be able to drive himself to his outpatient therapy sessions he attends three times a week. He said he is grateful for Music Maker’s support which has been helping him stay up on his bills and expenses and hopes to soon return to his music. His optimism and courage are trademarks of his personality and his offbeat, remarkable career in music and entertainment.┬áHe is truly an inspiration and we hope you join us is wishing him a speedy and full recovery.

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