Tim Talks About Black History Month Pt. 2

inBlack History Monthon February 24, 2015

dr. burt gregg roth

Dr. Burt, from Birmingham, Al, grew up during the historic fight for Civil Rights. His mother was very involved in the movement and worked directly with Corretta Scott King; as a young man he learned about non-violence, became a believer, led marches, and was shot at. The first bullet luckily missed his ear, but another bullet went through his right hand. That made it difficult for him to strum the guitar, but he never stopped playing, and he never stopped believing in peace. He was a victim of a hate crime; five white men attacked him, but at the end of the fight it was Dr. Burt who was arrested and sent to jail with a five-year prison sentence. Dr. Burt had no animosity in his heart, only love.

Watch this documentary short about Dr. Burt

After beginning work with Music Maker, Dr. Burt traveled and performed outside of his community for the first time. When he walked on stage at Lincoln Center, slim, nearly seven feet tall, and with a smile that radiated love like Buddha, the entire crowd all rose to their feet in thunderous applause He hadn’t even begun to perform yet! Burt’s sheer presence affected them. It was like that everywhere – he radiated love and triumph over hate, he lived through some of the most powerful moments in the Civil Rights Movement and we learned so many lessons from him. Dr. Burt changed the lives of all at Music Maker, the staff, the interns, and the supporters that met him.


– Tim Duffy

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