Sweet Palmetto Blues – Ironing Board Sam and Drink Small perform together for the first time!

inNewson September 27, 2012

Ironing Board Sam and Drink Small will perform together at  Sweet Palmetto Blues at the Richland Fashion Mall this weekend. The two blues artists have more in common than just their South Carolina heritage and unique nicknames – they have both embarked on decades-long music careers that started in their teens, and both have a quirky, distinct view of the world that comes out in their songs. (See “BBQ World,” or “Seesaw.”)

Drink Small called after meeting Sam and let us know he wants to record an album together called “Drink’s Jam and Ironing Board Sam.” We’re not sure when that will be on the schedule – but we do know they’re going to make a fabulous pair on the Sweet Palmetto Stage!

More info about the event on 9/29 here!

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