The Story of Robert Finley: From Playing on the Streets to Playing the Beacon Theatre!

inNewson October 18, 2018

Robert Finley’s talent is undeniable. Music Maker founder Tim Duffy knew this the second he spotted him playing on the street at the King Biscuit Blues Festival. After working to address some of Robert’s basic needs like getting him new teeth and housing, we set him up with his NYC debut at Webster Hall with the Music Maker Blues Revue and Robert delivered a performance so strong that it got recognized in the NY Times.

Robert returns to NYC on November 6th to play the legendary Beacon Theatre and will surely put on the show of a lifetime because he doesn’t know how to do it any other way. Robert was born with his talent, he just needed someone to see him and that’s what Music Maker does, through your support musicians like Robert Finley get respect and the ability to share their music with the world. As Robert puts it, “I’m like a light bulb, I got the power, I just needed someone to turn me on so I could shine.”

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