Single No. 2 From “Sacred Soul of North Carolina”

The Music Maker team has rarely been as excited about a record release as we are about our upcoming “Sacred Soul of North Carolina,” a collaboration with Memphis’ Bible & Tire Recording Co. Coming out October 15, the album will celebrate the deep roots of gospel quartet music in eastern North Carolina.

We’re proud today to debut the second single from the album: “Use Me Lord” by Big James Barrett & the Golden Jubilees.

“The money paid pretty good in R&B, but I didn’t like it.” Big James Barrett

Big James Barrett has been singing for what seems like his entire life. He started out in R&B, but soon made the shift to gospel, joining the Spiritualaires.

“The money paid pretty good in R&B,” he says, “but I didn’t like it.”

When Barrett left the Spiritualaires and started singing with the Golden Jubilees, he watched the band members quit one by one. They didn’t have the drive or the desire to keep at it, but Barrett did — he took over as lead singer and slowly built back a stronger group. Big James Barrett & the Golden Jubilees have released three CDs, “Whenever You Pray,” “Tell It” and “Let it Rain Down,” which came out in March 2021.