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The Legendary Singing stars

This Brooklyn-Based group has carried the gospel tradition into the 21st century in the sixty-plus years since its founding.

Clarence “bluesman” Davis

Born and raised in the Black Belt of Alabama, Clarence “Bluesman” Davis summons the sounds of his ancestors in his music. A lyricist and one-man band, Davis weaves rhythmic electric guitarwork with a thumping bass pedal and rugged voice.

Faith & Harmony

Two sets of three sisters — all of them first cousins — carry on a gospel singing tradition that runs deep in rural eastern North Carolina.

Jeffrey Scott

Jeffrey Scott is a cattleman, a hog farmer and a long-haul truck driver. He’s also a fantastic bluesman. He doesn’t play for fame. He plays because the blues is in his blood.

Leonard “lowdown” Brown

Leonard “Lowdown” Brown is an electric guitar-slinging blues legend in the Houston music scene. His virtuosic fingerwork and formidable voice seem effortless, evidence of his raw talent and over four decades of dedication to his craft.

Aretta Woodruff

With her powerhouse vocals and an indefatigable spirit, Aretta Woodruff is taking charge of the Birmingham blues music scene.