SOOTS – Future generations engaging with Roots music

inUncategorizedon November 15, 2013

soots-logo-with-Lightnin-WellsThis past week Aaron and I went to speak to the Raleigh Charter High School’s SOOTS (Sustaining Roots Music Community Project) program. The group was founded by teacher Charles Montague in 2006 to not only support Music Maker with fundraising activities organized by students, but to encourage youth participants in the group to engage with traditional music and musicians.

One of the wonderful things we do at Music Maker (and there are so many!) is work to educate young people about the musical heritage we support. Aaron and I love to help further this mission by speaking to SOOTS students regularly, not just about Music Maker but about how we got into our careers, what paths we followed to get to where we are, and any advice we have for them.

Going to SOOTS is always so much fun, and though it’s hard to follow up the presentation by world-renowned photographer Jimmy Williams, we tried. Seeing the students’ dedication to the music, their reverence of the artists we serve, and their engagement with us is always inspiring. It was a great way to end the week!

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