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inThe Artistson March 29, 2018

Music Maker needs your support now to ensure that our collective culture lives on and remains vital for future generations:

Your support identifies and serves artists who are an important part of the American story 

Your support educates diverse audiences and celebrates our shared cultural heritage

Your support empowers artists to get them much-deserved work and recognition

Your support creates jobs for musicians

How do you pass on your cultural heritage?

Little Willie Farmer taught himself to play the guitar as a child and hasn’t put it down since. His mother preferred that Willie stick to gospel, but his father secretly encouraged him to play the blues whenever his mother was out of earshot. As he grew older, he traveled and performed on the weekends in gospel quartet groups and at roadhouse music halls from Chicago to Montgomery.

Little Willie Farmer keeps the blues alive in Duck Hill, Mississippi as one of the finest living blues guitarists. He’s led a rich life as a mechanic, father and community member.

Now, Willie is focusing on his music.

Music Maker helped Willie get a passport, high quality photos and performance videos, which are helping him get more bookings. Now that he can no longer work on cars, the money he gets from these gigs allows him to be financial stable and independent—and pass on his cultural heritage.

Your support enables the hard work that is necessary to get bookings and musicians engaging with the public to share our cultural heritage and educate the next generation.

Little Willie Farmer is just one of the many artists that has benefitted from his partnership with Music Maker. Here’s what your support has meant to our partner artists:

They can get gigs
Musicians have quality photos and video of their performances to share, which bookers like to see to know how musicians perform in order to book them.

They are heard
As artists perform and record the music that has helped weave the fabric of American culture, they solidify their important place in America’s story.

They pass on important cultural learning
Artists are teaching young people and reaching audiences around the world. Their important contributions will be remembered and recognized for years to come thanks to photos, oral histories, videos and recordings.

Because of your support, musicians are better positioned to support themselves through their music and share their gifts with wide audiences and generations to come.

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