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incaptain lukeon May 12, 2015

Luther “Captain Luke” Mayer passed away early in the morning on May 12th at the age of 87. Captain Luke was the very heart of Music Maker, and he has been with us since the beginning. He appreciated so much all the love and thoughts everyone sent his way during his illness, he said he never truly realized how much his music meant to people until recently. He will be sorely missed.

Read articles about Captain Luke’s passing on WUNC, the Winston-Salem Journal and the Herald Sun.

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  • mike

    I am grateful to Captain Luke for his life and music, and I am glad so many were able to hear and enjoy his songs. A BIG thumbs up, and many thanks to Music Maker for promoting and helping him. God Bless!

  • rene balcer

    Sail on, Captain. The piece you and Big Ron Hunter recorded for our Backbone project plays on – at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in LA, in Savannah at the University’s museum, and soon at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Your voice will make those walls tremble, and soothe a lot of lost souls. With Admiration and gratitude – Michael, Xu Bing and RenĂ© (and thanks for the chicken!)

  • Tyrone L. Kelly

    The King Bee has gone to that great honeycomb in the sky.

  • Claire

    His version of “Rainy Night in Georgia” is the best ever. Always enjoyed his shows.

  • Al Bunshaft

    RIP Captain Luke. You will be missed. You gave a musical blessing to all who heard, and will hear, your music.

    We went into NYC last night to see some blues, and listened to the Captain’s recent CD from The Hamilton on the way there to honor him.

  • Carlier Richard

    Sad news fron bluesland ..Captain Luke is still singing somewhere in South of
    France .Thanks to Music Maker and John Cool Ferguson …Peace …Richard

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