Harvey Dalton Arnold – Outlaw



Outlaw, the debut solo album from Harvey Dalton Arnold, offers a new take on traditional blues music.

Harvey Arnold was the left-handed bass player for the Outlaws from 1976 to 1980. He was known for writing songs, taking the lead on vocals, and providing harmonies for the Southern rockers. Surprisingly, he did not grow up in a musical family. His summer job at a gas station in Wilmington, NC exposed him to both blues and gospel music.

That’s where he heard B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Freddie King, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin for the first time. “I knew this was the music I wanted to do,” Arnold said. Bluegrass and old country, like Hank Williams Sr., also flowed through his veins through his upbringing in eastern NC.

The album includes a mix of traditional blues songs and his personal songs with a blues twist. He shows his flexibility and love for all things music in his first acoustic album.

“Cold and Lonesome” is a standout track. The song has changed with each band he’s played it with, including the Outlaws, so the blues version was bound to happen. “I Got You” is another stand out. A girl he dated thought the song was about her, but it’s really about the love for his first Martin guitar. He recorded the album in one continuous take, providing a smooth and real quality to the track progression.

“I’ve loved to rock out and most of my career has been with electric bands,” Arnold said, “but this album is the music that I think was the true me before the rock and roll and will be long after. I’m very lucky that Music Maker has given me this chance to share the style that I think I will play for years to come.”