Benton Flippen – Fiddler’s Dream



Benton Flippen (b.1920) stems from an extremely influential generation of old-time musicians, who forged their own strongly-unique styles in the 30s and 40s. This group of men from Surry County, NC (Fred Cockeram, Tommy Jarrel, Earnest East and Kyle Creed) has inspired generations of old-time music enthusiasts.

The Fiddlers Conventions where these men performed in total obscurity during their youth, continue to occur today and Benton continues to perform. He has performed for square dances during these conventions and, in 2006, at the internationally celebrated Mt. Airy Fiddler’s Convention, he stood as the sole survivor of this fraternity.

In Fiddler’s Dream, Benton leads his band, the Smokey Valley Boys (which he formed in the 60s, disbanded in ’85, and reformed at the turn of the century), strong with the help of his young apprentice Andy Edmonds.