Boogie is My Name



McCain, a brilliant man who writes hilarious songs, has been recording since the ’50s on a host of legendary Southern record labels such as Excello and Trumpet.

I have been friends with Jerry ever since I went to visit him at his home in Gadsden, Alabama in 1995. During that visit, we recorded an acoustic CD which we released a few years ago. In 1999 I arranged a CD deal for Jerry that was produced by the legendary Mike Vernon with guests such as Jonnie Johnson, Jimmie Vaughn and others. Unfortunately, the label Cello soon went out of business after the CD’s release in 1991. That was a very difficult time for Jerry. Since that incident, Jerry has grown extremely skeptical about recording and has traveled less and less to perform.

Drummer/producer Ardie Dean and I have been encouraging Jerry to keep recording his songs as he keeps on writing them (and cracking us up singing them to us on the phone). So earlier this summer, Ardie and Greg “Boom” Rowell got Jerry in the studio and made yet another magnificent Jerry “Boogie” McCain release. Jerry lets the world know that yes there is still real blues being written and recorded in 2003. Hats off to this grand master! -Tim Duffy