Our New Intern Abigail Meets John Dee Holeman

inIntern Storyon September 30, 2015


On Monday I arrived at Music Maker to start my internship. I got right to work helping Aaron coordinate an upcoming concert. We spent the morning on the phone with artists and I got a chance to introduce myself. Boo Hanks, Cool John Ferguson, and Big Ron Hunter all warmly welcomed me to Music Maker. Everyone seemed to agree: it is the place to be. Big Ron even offered me some valuable life advice: “Be smart. Be careful.” I will certainly do my best!

Around lunchtime, Corn called John Dee Holeman to see if we could swing by. I had been looking forward to meeting artists for weeks, so when John Dee told Corn, “We’re peeling pears. Bring a knife.” Aaron, Corn, and I hopped in the car. When we arrived, John Dee was swinging a fly swatter at one rogue fly while his girlfriend, Joan, peeled a huge pot full of pears.


After introductions and a very kind welcome both to Music Maker and to their home, Joan showed me rows of pear preserves she’d already finished and got me caught up on what I need to know now that I’m living in North Carolina. Meanwhile, John Dee joshed around with Aaron and Corn. He made a point to tell me that he’s stronger than both of them, and truth be told, if they ever decide to arm-wrestle, my money’s on John Dee.

I’m thrilled to meet and spend more time with artists as I continue on. Just from hearing how the artists admire each other and how fondly they speak about the whole gang at Music Maker, I know that I’ve arrived somewhere truly extraordinary.

 – Abigail


Abigail is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where she earned a BFA in Sound Design.


  • Dave Simpson

    What an amazing experience for an intern. And what great writing! I expect to hear a lot more from Abigail…

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