Orange Charter School Welcomes Ironing Board Sam

inNewson January 16, 2013

What do 42 Ukuleles, 21 Glockenschpiels, a middle school jazz band and one ironing board have in common? They will be jamming with blues legend Ironing Board Sam throughout the spring term under the direction of music teacher William Dawson at Orange Charter School in Hillsborough, NC.

Ironing Board Sam will be working with students grades K-8 each week to develop musical arrangements that will culminate in a group performance at the end of the school year. This special enrichment program is sponsored by Music Maker and funded by the Jazz Foundation of America’s “Agnes Varis Jazz in the Schools” initiative.

“Bringing senior artists and youth together in musical discovery is at the heart of our mission,” Denise said. “The traditional musicians Music Maker partners with, like Ironing Board Sam, all learned their craft from their community elders, so it is very rewarding for them to have an opportunity to pass on the music they have cherished and nurtured for a lifetime on to the next generation of American musicians. We are very grateful to the Jazz Foundation of America for making it possible to bring Sam into our local school.”

Orange Charter School Principal Jarrod Ennis feels that students will benefit from the program in several ways. “Working with the world renowned professionals and artists living in our community helps children develop pride in their cultural heritage and broadens their horizons to see the potential impact their own creativity could have on the world someday.”

We’ll keep you updated on Sam’s teachings!

Ironing Board Sam, Photo by Jimmy Williams

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