Our Newport Folk Festival Show Reviewed By Pop Matters

inNewson August 5, 2015


Pop Matters wrote a fantastic piece covering some great shows at the Newport Folk Festival and our set at the Museum Stage got a great mention:


“When I ducked into the Museum stage room around 4 pm, I caught a set from Sammie Moore, aka Ironing Board Sam, a wild soul from the South. He’s got an album Super Spirit coming out in October but he’s got tons of music already to his name—he is 75 after all. As Sam wrapped up his set, with other musicians in the Music Maker Relief Foundation showcase on stage with him like the Coma Mamas, he strode into the standing crowd and gave high fives to anyone within reach. His colorful attire and lively presence made for great showmanship and his music was fun too”.

– Sachyn Mital

Read the entire article here

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