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inUncategorizedon October 22, 2013

Sam at JazzfestIt’s hard to believe we’re heading into the Holiday season (wasn’t it just summer?) This is the time of year when I’m able to slow down a little and reflect on what Music Maker does for our artists, and for Roots music in general. While we’re ramping up outreach in the fall and we’re constantly hearing from members and supporters around the globe, for some of our artists it can be a lonely time. Gigs slow down as the weather turns colder; just as energy costs start to rise. Life gets harder in the winter, but it’s especially difficult if your income is sporadic. The great thing about Music Maker is that we’re here for the artists even if there isn’t a gig for them. We strive diligently to get them work, but if it just isn’t there, they won’t go cold or hungry. This year we’re helping Boo Hanks purchase heating oil, and many artists receive a monthly sustenance check to help them meet their basic needs.

Festivals may be few and far between during the winter months, but there are a lot of holiday parties going on out there. We hope you’ll consider hiring an artist for your gathering – not only will your party be unique, spectacular and guaranteed to be talked about for many years, you’ll be giving work to an artist, helping them earn an income and live in safety and comfort. Without Music Maker, and without you, these musicians and their art would be lost to the passing of time.

To book an artist for your party, contact Aaron Greenhood at aaron@musicmaker.org or 919-643-2456. Thank you!

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