Eddie Tigner Turns 92 in Valdosta, GA with a Music Maker Blues Revue Performance!

inNewson August 2, 2018

Photo by – Brett Scibal

Music Maker has worked alongside piano player Eddie Tigner since 1998 and we are honored to call him a partner artist. Eddie’s career as a musician IS in incredible, I emphasize IS because Eddie is still wowing audiences and will bring a real treat to the city of Valdosta, GA this Saturday, which is also Eddie’s 92nd birthday, for his performance with the Music Maker Blues Revue at the Turner Center for the Arts. The concert will be in conjunction with our photography exhibit, We Are the Music Makers!, which will be on display at the Turner Center until Sept. 12th, 2018. Learn more about the exhibit & performance – here.

Since partnering with Eddie in 1998, Music Maker has released two of Eddie’s albums, booked him on international tours, and helped him through our Sustenance Program by giving him a monthly check in addition to emergency funds, when needed.

It’s only through your support that musicians like Eddie can continue to thrive and educate audiences about our musical culture. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.

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Watch the WCTV piece about the exhibit and concert below:



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