Music Maker Partners with Bull Durham Beer Co. To Open Club In Downtown Durham!

inNews & Mediaon October 13, 2016

Bull Durham Beer Co., the first brewery in America to operate in a Minor League baseball stadium, will add a second, expanded location in late October. The team behind the popular baseball-themed brew is linking with all-star partners to open a combination beer garden, restaurant and music venue in the ground floor of American Tobacco Campus’ Diamond View III — separated from the ballpark only by a soon-to-be very busy patio

The Bullpen, as the spot will be known, will operate year round. Previously, connoisseurs could buy Bull Durham Beer only in the stadium or select pop-up locations. But requests for more expansive access poured in. The expansion will give fans the opportunity to enjoy Bull Durham Beer any time of year — along with lots more than just stellar suds.

Bull Durham Beer Co. makes delicious beer people enjoy. Our beer is as straightforward as the blues, as unpretentious as the wing, and as classic as a baseball game on a summer afternoon. We are proud to offer our fans an establishment that so perfectly exemplifies what we strive to achieve with what we put in the glass.” — Brad Farran, Brand Manager, Bull Durham Beer Company

The new restaurant will offer lunch and dinner provided by Durham’s own Heavenly Buffaloes.

Beer, baseball, buffalo wings and the blues are part of Durham’s DNA. This new restaurant will bring together some of the most popular homegrown institutions for one dynamite restaurant where folks can have a great time for a good cause.” — Michael Goodmon, vice president of real estate, Capitol Broadcasting Company

In addition to the beer and eats, The Bullpen will also serve up live music, with regular programming provided by the Music Maker Relief Foundation. Bull Durham Beer Co. will donate $1 per pint sold at The Bullpen to support the foundation’s work, which preserves the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make it.

Real blues, real beer, real people: this will surely become one of the nation’s greatest blues clubs. Music Maker has spent over 20 years building relationships with America’s deepest artists. We are thrilled to now have a “home stage” for these artists to perform.” — Tim Duffy, co-founder, Music Maker Relief Foundation

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