Music Maker parters with Center for Documentary Studies

inNewson January 31, 2013

We’re excited to announce a partnership with an undergraduate class offering at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies this spring.

DOCST 460S: “Multimedia Documentary” is a course taught by Christopher Sims.  Students will have access to MMRF archives but will also create original content for our website through video, still photography and audio fieldwork.

Students in the small class will likely work in pairs to create the multimedia documentary projects. They will also fulfill a service-learning component for the course in the process. Some ideas that students might choose to cover include the relationship between Southern food and music, American roots abroad, MMRF programs and tracking the history and use of different instruments.

Sims and his students will visit our office in February, where they will interview members of the MMRF team, including co-founder and Executive Director Tim, Artist Services Coordinator Aaron and Community Coordinator Whitney.

Stay tuned to our news feed in the coming months for updates on the project!

— Margot

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