Music Maker Listener’s Circle – Vol. 2 out this week!

inNewson August 15, 2013

MdailyThis past June Music Maker debuted a new project – our Music Maker Listener’s Circle. The idea behind the Listener’s Circle came from our French interns, Raphaël and Simon, who diligently worked for nine months to digitize all the MMRF field recordings. Just to give you some perspective – if you listened to the archive without stopping, it would take you 83 days.

 So much of that material has not been released, and all of it is wonderful. We wanted to develop compilations of archived material, a mix of unreleased, to-be released, and some beloved tracks. All combined in exclusive, hand-numbered CDs lovingly made for our Listener’s Circle members here in the MMRF office. If you love the music, and you want more of it, the Listener’s Circle is for you – these compilations will be released every other month to Listener’s Circle members exclusively, along with a note from Tim, for a donation to MMRF of $30 per month.

The compilations will not be sold on our store and will not be re-printed after the month of their release. After August, Volume 2 will be retired. So if you’re not already a member, make sure you join this August so we can get you this month’s exclusive compilation featuring tracks from John Lee Zeigler, Dr. Burt, Jerry “Boogie” McCain and Mr. Q!

Join the exclusive Listener’s Circle here!

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