Music Maker Instrument Grant: Harvey Arnold

inUncategorizedon July 18, 2013


Musicians need instruments. Without them, they cannot fully realize their potential. It’s pretty straightforward. Sadly, the poverty that many Music Maker artists live in, does not afford them the luxury of owning a working instrument. In the past few years, Music Maker has been able to replace stolen instruments for Ron Hunter, Pete Whicher, Cedell Davis and get much needed new instruments to Ironing Board Sam, Robert Lee Coleman, Major Handy, Dr. Burt, Lakota John, Cary Morin, Terry “Harmonica” Bean, Alabama Slim, Guitar Slim, Jr, Guitar Lightnin’ Lee, John Dee Holeman and as you see in this video, Harvey Arnold enjoying his new custom Gibson Firebird Studio donated by Music Maker supporter Zak Alistair.

Having an instrument that works is as important to an artist’s stable and sustainable existence as adequate transportation, good nutrition, and a roof over their head. Check out Harvey tearing up his new guitar.


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