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Jeff Scott and Masyn-1

Next Generation Artist Jeffrey Scott and Intern Masyn during a video shoot in June

Music Maker has been blessed with some great summer interns, and it’s time for us to introduce them to you! Masyn and Erica will be working with us until they head back to school in the fall, helping us with our summer music series, keeping up with artists’ health needs, and working with PR for upcoming releases. Welcome Masyn and Erica!


My name is Masyn Burgess and I am a rising senior, studying interpersonal and organizational communications along with musical studies at UNC Chapel Hill. Many of the skills I’ve gained through my courses and experiences led me to a summer internship at the Music Maker Relief Foundation. After hearing their mission to preserve the roots of Southern music, I was immediately captivated. So far this summer I have already gotten to work on various projects and assignments both in and out of the office at Music Maker. I had the awesome opportunity to work on a recording session and photo shoot with one of our new Next Generation blues artists, Jeffrey Scott, with whom I also did an oral history interview. I’ve advertised for and also worked at some of the different concerts Music Maker holds for its artists throughout the NC area. Additionally, I’ve had a chance to really improve my organizational skills and learn more about Music Maker and its artists by completing tasks around the office such as making CDs, writing press releases and artist bios, and organizing archives. Though I have gotten to experience a lot already, I’m excited for the rest of the summer with Music Maker; I know it will bring even greater opportunities!

— Masyn


Hi, I’m Erica, one of Music Maker’s summer interns. I found out about the Music Maker Relief Foundation after listening to Leyla McCalla’s debut solo album, Vari-Colored Songs, an incredible record released on the Music Maker label, and was immediately captivated by Music Maker’s powerful mission and vision. I am a second year graduate student in ethnomusicology at Florida State University with interests in the musics of the American South, applied ethnomusicology, and ecomusicology. I am thrilled to be spending my summer at the Music Maker Relief Foundation conducting artist health surveys and curating a collection of food-themed songs by MMRF-sponsored artists. So far, my daily tasks have included helping MMRF-sponsored artist John Dee install an oven in his new Hillsborough home, trying to figure out the intricacies of the notorious CD labeler, discussing gardening techniques with Harvey Dalton Arnold, and composing MMRF blog posts. Needless to say, every day here at Music Maker is an adventure! On days when I am out of the Music Maker office, you can find me conducting research for my thesis about music and North Carolina farmers markets, playing old time cello, spending time in the mountains, and learning to garden.

– Erica



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