Lakota John & Kin Visit Drink Small!

inUncategorizedon April 14, 2015


We arrived to Mr. Drink’s house and he was happy to have us visit!  We chatted for a bit and soaked up his poetic “drinkisms” and enjoyed hearing his stories.
Lakota John asked Mr. Drink if he would like to jam and he was excited to get started.  Papa John gave him his guitar and he “shook the strings!”  Papa John said, “he’s killing it, my guitar never sounded so good!”
Lakota: “You can’t explain Mr. Drink.  You have to experience and spend time with him.  Drink is Drink and there ain’t another one like him!
We spent about 3 hours with him, laughing, jamming and laughing some more!  He was the perfect host and we can’t wait to visit him again.
– Tonya Locklear


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