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inNewson May 9, 2013

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A new film, TENTH, by current filmmaker and former MMRF intern Tom Ciaburri, shines new light on Ironing Board Sam’s decades-long career, and a Kickstarter campaign launching May 13th will help get that film out to the world.

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Sam has secured a little-known but much deserved place in America’s musical history. Now, he’s resurrected himself at age 73 to become Living Blues’ “Comeback Artist of the Year” in 2012. TENTH tells this story, and reveals in a deeply personal way what drives him as an artist – it explores the definition of success, and ultimately concludes that true success can only be found in oneself.

Filmmaker Tom Ciaburri says, “This movie is a journey exploring the dark consequences of chasing a dream. There is no guarantee of success, and I’ve made a film that makes that brutally clear in a very honest way. But Sam is still making music today… because he re-defined success as something to be achieved within himself. He’s found peace.”

“People need to see this film because Sam is an artistic genius that has yet to be recognized. He’s had a creative renaissance at 73-years old. But he’s not in it for the money, or for fame – not anymore. Sam just wants to connect with people, and make music. And it’s great music. We just need help to get TENTH out there so people can see that- which is what the Kickstarter is all about.”

Ciaburri became interested in documenting Ironing Board Sam after meeting him through Music Maker Relief Foundation. He was intrigued by Sam’s incredibly positive outlook on life and his career, despite decades of obscurity and poverty. What started as a short promotional film became a deeply personal project focused on an incredible man.

Tim Duffy, Founder of Music Maker Relief Foundation, says, “Ironing Board Sam is an American musical pioneer – he has been performing in a supremely innovative way for over 50 years. TENTH is a unique opportunity to really see what an artist like Ironing Board Sam is all about – the film gets to the heart of why Sam is a performer, and how he keeps going. I’ve been a personal fan of his ever since I saw his colorful tour bus in Asheville, NC in 1981. He is one of the most amazing artists I have ever worked with – and anyone that sees TENTH will find out why. He has a magical charisma and an unmatched talent for R&B music.”

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