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inNewson June 14, 2012

The Jazz Foundation’s Agnes Varis Jazz and Blues in the Schools Program creates performance and teaching opportunities for elderly artists who still have so much to give back to their communities. Ironing Board Sam, Alabama Slim, Eddie Tigner, Dr. Burt, Boo Hanks, and John Dee Holeman will now have more opportunities for steady income, and new audiences will have a chance to experience their music. Each of these musicians will play once a month at a school or eldercare facility and in return, will receive a grant from the Jazz Foundation.

Aaron and I have been working to find nursing homes and schools local to these artists and connecting them with the administrators of such programs.

Dr. Burt was excited to get the chance to play for school children because he felt that he had so much to share, proclaiming, “I love kids. They deserve to know about where the music they’re listening to comes from, and I want to be the one to teach them.”  

Thank you so much to The Jazz Foundation for providing this wonderful program!  

— Maggie

Maggie Morrissey is a summer intern for Music Maker. Maggie recently graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism, and will begin her Masters in Public Administration at NC State in the fall.

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