Ironing Board Sam’s Universe Pendant

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I came in the office one morning to find a very interesting drawing on my desk; it was scrawled on a piece of legal lined paper. An isosceles triangle encased in an egg-shaped oval; atop it was written “The Universe.” It was interesting, but finding mysterious drawings and notes on my desk is not entirely unusual so I went about my day and asked Tim about it when I had a chance.

Tim told to me that the night before, Ironing Board Sam had explained his theory on the shape of the universe and how it works. The triangle contained within the oval rotates back and forth creating the energy that flows through all things. This same movement is what triggered the Big Bang.

Sam shared with us that he’d like to make a unique piece of jewelry using this design. We got together with Jeannine Rogers at Spiral Studios in Hillsborough, NC to assemble the design.  Sam and Jeannine discussed the design and its symbolism and she was immediately on board. The result of this collaboration is a beautiful pendant handcrafted in silver. It is an object of deep beauty and an everlasting symbol.

Wear it proudly.

— Aaron

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