Ironing Board Sam’s “Ninth Wonder of the World of Music” Released!

inNewson August 23, 2012

On’s poll last week, Ironing Board Sam’s Ninth Wonder of the World of Music was voted the most anticipated album of this week! We understand how people would be waiting anxiously for this album. Originally recorded in the 1970s in Gary, IN, only 100 copies were ever made. When Music Maker found the record for sale on eBay, we snapped it up. We wanted to hear the unique, funky tracks – and when we did we knew the world needed a second opportunity to hear them too.

The songs on this album range from the fast paced re-imagining of Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie On Reggae Woman” to the soulful rendition of “Danny Boy.” Everything heard on the album comes from Sam himself; the synth, piano, bass, and vocals, all except for the drums.

Of the album’s title Sam said, “Back in those days there were things people wondered about, I was a wonder every show. I had people wondering.” He certainly did keep people wondering – as seen on the cover of this album, Sam’s stage show incorporated do-it-yourself contraptions to raise his performance above the standard bar fare of the time.

Check out Ironing Board Sam’s Ninth Wonder of the World of Music HERE. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

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  • B.Couch

    What is the chance that this will be the next giving back CD? BC

    • mmaker

      Since it’s already released, it won’t be going out with our record club.


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