Ironing Board Sam’s “Hibilon Poem”

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*At Music Maker, our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected by the tragedy in Boston yesterday. We think this poem from artist Ironing Board Sam is particularly appropriate right now.

I went to pick up Ironing Board Sam this last Saturday morning for a photo shoot.

He was in a great mood and wanted to discuss World Peace.  He told me he had written a poem called the “Hibilon Poem.”

“Hibilon,” he told me, meant “everlasting.”

Ever since we started working with Sam, we’ve noticed him always thinking about how the world can be a better place. He is very disturbed by world hunger and that a child could go hungry anywhere, when we have so much in the world. He’s got ideas on pollution, on kids education and on a plethora of other subjects. He was thinking that morning about a set of basic rules that we all could live by that would make this world a better place.

He told me this poem he was thinking about, so I decided to write it down:

The formula for everlasting peace on the face of the EARTH. Remember these words before each decision.

The Simple Guidelines of Life:

#1 Be fair with each other
This alone would bring peace to the Earth. Be fair with your wife, the law, your God.

#2 True love means no harm
I’m human, you’re human. All humans are related. If I am a true human being, I love you as true human beings. There should be no war. Let’s love each other. This would bring everlasting peace.

#3 The human touch means so much
That means we shake hands. I want to hug my wife, my children. Join hands when you pray. Feeling a young baby, you feel the touch of human life.

All of this came through being in conjunction with the supreme spirit. The being that created the universes.

Hibilon means from the super spirit, God. This will bring everlasting peace. Spread these words.

Thanks for reading Sam’s poetry – we think he’s a smart man.

— Tim Duffy

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  • Ron Royster

    Ironing Board Sam for President and Pope!

  • john mobley

    Yes IBSam, you got it right!!

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