Ironing Board Sam Will Prevail!

inArtist Storyon March 15, 2016


We are sharing this story at the request of Ironing Board Sam

The past few months have been especially challenging for our partner artist, Ironing Board Sam. In October, just days before his album Super Spirit was released on Big Legal Mess Records, Sam suffered a stroke. Music Maker was by his side to help him through the evaluation process and in finding the help he needed. Now Sam has requested that we update his family of Music Maker fans and supporters.

Until Sam is able to perform again, his tour is on hold and Music Maker will continue to support Sam through the Musician Sustenance Program. He is now in the care of his daughter in Alabama and he asked that we pass along to our friends and supporters that he is recovering well and had these encouraging words to share with his Music Maker family:

“A stroke ain’t no joke, and with Music Maker, I won’t go broke.”

– Ironing Board Sam


Ironing Board Sam and Artist Service Coordinator, Aaron Greenhood playing in the hospital.

Leave it to Sam to put those words together and share them proudly to us with a smile! While he is approaching his recovery seriously, he’s no stranger to finding a creative spin to everything he does. He was once billed “The Ninth Wonder of the World” during his heyday in New Orleans. Read about Sam’s story, an impressive musical and life journey HERE. See the video about Sam’s big comeback through Music Maker HERE.

How Music Maker has helped Sam:

Music Maker’s Founder and Executive Director, Tim Duffy, found Sam in South Carolina more than five years ago. Sam had disappeared from the music scene following displacement from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Since then, Sam has received monthly support through Music Maker’s Musician Sustenance Program. He also received help with medical care, vehicle repairs, and relocation expenses. Music Maker provided Sam with a new “ironing board”/keyboard, recorded his album, and booked him for the legendary Blues Cruise, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and gigs throughout North Carolina.

Aaron Greenhood, Music Maker’s Artist Service Coordinator, has spent a great deal of time with Sam on the road and in planning for performances and recordings in the more than five years that they have worked together.

“The stories of his legendary performances at Jazzfest during the early 70s are hard to believe, but I’ve seen the photos and heard accounts to prove he really was just ‘that’ incredible,” said Aaron.

It has been hard for all of us here at Music Maker to see our friend go through a sudden onset of physical hardship in the midst of so many positive things happening with his career; however, we know Sam is a fighter and that his Super Spirit will prevail.

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