Ironing Board Sam is Living Blues’ Comeback Artist of the Year!

inNewson August 10, 2012

Living Blues has given IroninIroning Board Samg Board Sam the honor of “Comeback Artist of the Year” in their Critic’s Poll. We are so proud that the magazine has recognized Sam for his hard work this past year – with the assistance of Music Maker he was able to record and release his album, “Going Up,” secured regular gigs in the Chapel Hill, NC area, where he now lives, and performed at festivals nationwide. But it was Sam’s amazing return to a packed Blues Tent at Jazzfest in April 2012 that caught eyes of music lovers all across the nation.

Sam is definitely “back,” with gigs in Switzerland and the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise coming up. He has come a long way since 2010, when he told Tim Duffy he had given up on music.

Sam performs regularly in Chapel Hill and around the country. Find out if Sam is playing near you! And keep an eye out for a very special Ironing Board Sam release coming later in August!

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  • ana-b

    Marvelous news…..but ya’ll really should change “Comback” to “Comeback” in the title.

    • mmaker

      Thanks for the catch! We think it’s great news, too.

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