Introducing Pat Sky: A Folk Music Legend

inArtist Storyon June 30, 2016


While I was attending the Folklore graduate program at UNC in 1989, I was introduced to folk musician, Pat Sky. Born in Georgia and raised in Louisiana, Pat and his guitar headed north in the 60s, where he was held in high regard as one of the great songwriters that emerged from Greenwich Village folk boom. Pat has seen all the ups and downs a musical career can offer and forewarned me of everything I would come to encounter in the proceeding 25 years of work in the music industry.
A close contemporary of Dave Van Ronk, Pat’s early albums were well received. Pat was known for his collaborations with Buffy Saint Marie, Eric Anderson and for producing blues singer Mississippi John Hurt’s album for Vanguard. Pat’s wistful and lonesome “Many A Mile” is a folk classic recorded by Pat and many others. BY the time the 70s rolled around, Pat was becoming disillusioned with the music business and politics. He turned a satirical eye to his songwriting and released the controversial ’Songs that Made America Famous.” Eventually, Pat’s interest turned to Irish music and he founded Green Linet Records in 1973. Pat became a recognized expert in playing and building uillean pipes. He published several books on the subject and performed for many years with his wife Cathy.
Now retired at 72, Pat has been experiencing some health complications. Fortunately, Music Maker can provide support through our Sustenance Program to help out. Pat is a significant artist that helped shape the landscape of American Music and should not be forgotten.

— Tim Duffy

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