Ironing Board Sam and His InstrumentHead

inIroning Board Samon June 3, 2014


Last month, while in New Orleans for Jazzfest, Ironing Board Sam and myself traveled down to Michael Weintrob’s temporary studio in a tailor’s workshop to get Sam’s “InstrumentHead” photo taken. Photographer Michael Weintrob has been shooting this particular series of photographs for four years and has over 400 surreal portraits of legendary musicians.



Last week Tim and I headed down to Charleston, SC with Ironing Board Sam and Dom Flemons for the IntrumentHead Pop-Up Gallery during the Spoleto Festival. Michael had sent us emails of the photo he had chosen for Sam’s IntrumentHead but nothing could prepare us for seeing the full size giclee print of Ironing Board Sam with his super glitterized, gemmed-out keyboard as his head. It is INCREDIBLE! and more importantly Sam loved it.  Sam has always been an amazing creator of inventions himself so he has a deep respect for what Michael is attempting to achieve.  Michael is donating a portion of the proceeds from the event to the Music Maker Relief Foundation and we are incredibly excited to be working with this great photographer!

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