Guitar Lightnin’ Lee’s House Gets Critical Repairs

inTheir Needson February 1, 2018

Last year we talked about New Orleans artist Guitar Lightnin’ Lee’s need for new floors and other repairs in his home. Lee has been recovering from a tough bout with cancer and was unable to play shows for a while. Music Maker’s sustenance support helped Lee through those trying times, but the old shotgun house that had been his mother’s was deteriorating quickly. It took a little bit of time, but eventually Lee found a trustworthy repairman to do the necessary work so that Lee could recover more comfortably. Thanks to the support of our donors we were able to give Lee critical financial support for him to get the repairs done. Lee is thrilled to have a safe home and thanks Music Maker’s donors for their help. Lee is even feeling up to playing these days so if you are ever in New Orleans go check him out!



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