Guitar Lightnin’ Lee’s Battle Continues

inTheir Needson November 20, 2017

Guitar Lightnin’ Lee looks about as mean as a junkyard dog and appropriately, his god given name is Leroy. But the gruff attitude that Guitar Lee projects from his rugged exterior has nothing to do with who he is. Lee is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet and, above all else, he loves his mama. For the past two years Lee has been duking it out with lung cancer but he is now he’s on the mend. During this time Lightnin’ wasn’t able to play any gigs so his monthly aid from Music Maker became even more critical.

“Music Maker has been out of sight. The monthly check they give me makes a world of difference!”

– Guitar Lightnin’ Lee

Lightnin’ is hopeful and sees the light at the end of the tunnel, but is still facing some issues when it comes to his living situation. The floorboards in Lightnin’s shotgun house have been slowly rotting over time and are in desperate need of repair. Music Maker’s support has jumpstarted repairs in the house but more work is needed to make Lightnin’s place more comfortable while he recovers from his cancer treatments. YOUR support is critical to making sure that Guitar Lightnin’ Lee and other musicians like him can recover in comfort. Please join Music Maker to help musicians when they need it most!


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