The Glorifying Vines Sisters Get Passports!

inTheir Adventureson June 1, 2017

Last week I had the honor of accompanying the Glorifying Vines Sisters on their errand to the Rocky Mount post office in order to get their passports for their upcoming tour in Europe. We would like to thank our Programs Director Aaron Greenhood for his work helping the Vines gather all of the necessary paperwork for their passport applications. Despite some minor confusion regarding marriage dates, the passport official in Rocky Mount was too kind and processed all seven of the band members’ passports at one time.

Music Maker has scheduled a performance for the Vines at a large festival in Switzerland this summer. After looking at photographs of Switzerland’s cities and countryside, the Glorifying Vines are brimming with excitement for the upcoming trip. The forecasts promise beautiful weather, and now the Vines cannot wait to leave. The Vines have never traveled outside of the US and they are absolutely thrilled to share their music with new audiences abroad! Since Music Maker’s founding we have assisted more than 30 artists attain passports so that they can travel abroad to perform.

— Corn Lewis

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