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inIntern Storyon January 21, 2016



Backstage at the studio in Webster Hall, the oldest nightclub in America, the members of the Music Maker Blues Revue huddled together in anticipation of their GlobalFest 2016 performance. The walls backstage were plastered with band stickers from all over the globe. String lights were draped across the room, lighting the wings in festive colors. The whole building, a historic landmark, is decorated in an amalgamation of styles from 1886 when it first opened to its most recent renovation in 1992, creating a timeless and vibrant atmosphere. As we watched the clock tick down to show time, the excitement was steadily building. That afternoon, the group had rehearsed the set in preparation and it was quickly clear that everyone was ready for an audience. The show had sold out well in advance, and once the audience had squeezed into the space, elbow-to-elbow, it was go time. It was a cold and snowy night in New York City, but as soon as the Music Maker Revue took the stage, the music was red hot.



It was an exciting night for everyone. It was new artist, Robert Finley’s first time on tour with Music Maker. For Robert Lee Coleman, it was his first time in New York City since 1971 when he played with James Brown on his album “Revolution of the Mind” recorded live at the Apollo. The thrilling feeling in the air was palpable. Backstage, the artists eagerly cheered each other on between songs. The show was one for the books; an electric performance. We were amidst performers from all over the world representing our own American blues flavor. Through the unique opportunity of Globalfest, we were able to showcase the incredible talent of the Music Maker Blues Revue to a wide audience of producers, agents, press, and fans. We certainly made an impression on them!

The Blues Revue got a mention in the NY Times for their show – read it here!

— Abigail

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